My Journey Presentations

Section 14: “My Journey” Power Point 

Create a presentation either in video, or PowerPoint that is a well though-out, organized, and visually pleasing presentation. Your presentation should encapsulate you and your work here at Northridge Academy High School. Creatively show your audience who YOU are. This may include your friends, family, hobbies, likes/dislikes, special talents, special circumstances or struggles you overcame, etc. Write a short, 1-paragraph reflection on your experience/s at NAHS and how it has helped you grow as an individual, student, and human being. What will you remember when you leave NAHS (personally, academically, socially)? The presentation should highlight your FAVORITE piece of quality work; scan it or have it ready to be displayed or passed around during the presentation.  Include a college of your life here at NAHS. Also describe what you plan on doing after you leave NAHS.

My Journey PowerPoint Instructions

My Journey PowerPoint Example #1 - coming soon
My Journey PowerPoint Example #2 - coming soon