Welcome to the North Atlanta Media Technology Center

Media Center Hours

Time:  8:15 a.m. - 4:15 p.m.
Days:  Monday - Friday

Location:  Room L2153
Media Specialist:  Lori McCall

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The aim of the NAHS Media Center is to serve as an integral support component of the total educational program.  The overall purpose of the media center is to provide necessary and essential information as well as produce effective library users.  It is our goal to assist learners, facilitators and staff in retrieving information and to become effective users of the media center.  We provide access to technology, print, and e-resources to support the curricular needs of our students and staff. We collaborate with teachers on instructional initiatives, teach information literacy skills in the context of the curriculum, and promote reading for information and pleasure.

Goals of the Media Program:  

The following goals of the NAHS media program have been formulated in an effort to provide necessary skills and services to all of our patrons by ensuring curriculum support to the school's program.                                      

  • To acquire resource materials (print and non-print) which meet the demands of the curriculum and the informational, educational and recreational needs of our students.
  • To collaborate and plan with teachers in order to provide quality service and the best resources to maximize units of study.
  • To motivate and encourage independent reading for enjoyment and to help develop critical thinking skills.
  • To help students become skilled and discriminating users of various media, print and non-print materials, technology resources and equipment.
  • To help students and teachers integrate the use of technology into the curriculum.
  • To afford an opportunity through library and media experiences for learners to develop helpful interests, to make satisfactory personal adjustments, and to acquire desirable social skills.