Transportation in and Around Nahariya


Traveling to Nahariya is easy and convenient for travelers who are looking for a relaxing northern Israel vacation. There is frequent public transportation to the city and guests can also arrive for their vacation in Nahariya by private car.

 ·         Private Transportation

o    The main road leading into Nahariya, Sderot HaGa'aton, is off of Route 4, also called "G'dud 21."

Route 4 runs parallel to the Mediterranean ocean. Head north from Haifa and Acco (Acre) along Route 4 until you reach the entrance to Nahariya/Sderot HaGa'aton. Turn left from Route 4 onto Sderot Ha'Gaaton, the city's main street. As you drive along Sderot HaGa'aton into the town you'll be driving along the banks of the Ga'aton River. At the end of Sderot Ha'Gaaton you'll find the promenade and the beach.

o    For visitors who are driving from the east, Route 89 passes through the Western Galilee from Ma'alot and brings you directly to Sderot HaGa'aton. Drive along Route 89 until you reach the junction at Route 4. Cross over Route 4 and are entering Nahariya on Sderot HaGa'aton.

·         Public Transportation

o    Buses

§  Egged buses run from the Haifa Checkpost bus station to Nahariya every 15 minutes or so throughout the day. These buses stop in Acco/Acre to pick up passengers on their way to Nahariya.

There is one Egged bus each day (line 909) that runs from Tel Aviv to Nahariya)

§  Nateeve Express operates several buses daily between Safed and Nahariya

§  Nateeve Express operates bus service within Nahariya.

o    Trains  -- Israel Rail operates hourly train service from the Tel Aviv area to Nahariya

nahariya train

·         Taxis  --There are a number of cab services that provide taxi service within Nahariya as well as to and from other Israel locations

o    A.S. Taxis 072-3223498

o    Shiran Taxis 072-3250875

o    Agam Taxis 072-3251089

o    Gregory Cabs 050-5592505

o    Shlomo Haziza Cabs  050-2794022

o    Taxis 10   04-9511313

·         Car Rental

o    Shlomo Sixt  04-951-7075

o    EasyTerra

o    Avis 04-9511880