Religious Services in Nahariya

There is a wide range of  Jewish observance levels and affiliations in Nahariya  with numerous religious services and institutions available to serve the Jewish religious needs of all residents and guests. Individuals, couples and families who come for a northern Israel vacation can ensure that their religious needs are met by the Nahariya religious community.


·         Heichal Aharon  Centeral synagogue of Nahariya. Located on Derech HaAtzmaut 7. 04-982-9933

·         Chabad of Nahariya The Chabad synagogue is located on Ga'aton 16. Other Chabad activities in Nahariya operate out of the Shehunat Givat Osishkin location including the Mikve, Colel and a preschool program. Shabbat hospitality is available.

·         Yitzhak Avinu Synagogue -- 5 Rotem Street in the Neve Menachem Begin neighborhood, the Yitzhak Avinu Synagogue is one of Nahariya's most beautiful synagogues with large brass engravings on the Ark and the central bima (podium). A marble arch frames the Ark, which is decorated with motifs of the seven species and symbols of the 12 tribes. The congregation prays with a Moroccan "nusach" (melodies and customs). 

·         Heichal Aharon is located on Yeshurun Street, between Shai Agnon and Ahad Ha’am . It is the Central synagogue of thecity and is located just behind the Carlton hotel. It is named after the city’s first rabbi, Aharon Keller. The names of Nahariya’s fallen are inscribed on the walls of the entrance hall. Services follow the standard Ashkanazi custom but incorporate some German customs.

·         Kehilat Emet V'Shalom -- Reform synagogue serving the Western Galilee. Kabbalat Shabbat (Friday evening) and holiday evening prayer services are held in the municipal community center.

·         Tikvatanu   Located on Ahad HaAm 6 Street. Daily and Shabbat/holiday services. Specializes in providing activities for youth.

·         Etz HaChaim Synagogue on Yechiam Street. Yemenite services.

·         HaAri HaKadosh, Shmulik neighborhood. Mizrachi congregation.

·         Synagogue named for Eli Cohen, 53 Kibbutz Galuyot Street

·         Sha'arei Tzion synagogue, 1 Yefe Nof Street


There are several mikves located in locations throughout Nahariya These include:

  • 9 Yeshurun St., 04-9922316, 04-9510226
  • Trumpeldor St., next to the Yagel Ya'akov Synagogue, 04-9828535
  • Chabad Mikve -- Ussishkin neighbornood, 12 HaMelech David St., 04-9821844
  • Yoseftal neighborhood, 531 HaSharon St., 04-9826049
  • Yeruka neighborhood, 47 Levi Eshkol St., 04-9823860