Nahariya Real Estate

Nahariya Real Estate

Nahariya is a growing town with a population that is approaching 50,000 residents. The Nahariya hospital draws many health care professionals and the proximity to Haifa, together with the railway station that connects Nahariya directly to the entire Haifa region, create a strong economic basis for employment in the area.

The tourist infrastructure continues to grow as well and many residents work with the area's tourist sector. 

The city is largely secular but there is a considerable religious community as well and there are synagogues and mikves throughout all of the city's neighborhoods. 

The main neighborhoods include:
Nahariya Yeruka -- new area, partially religions population, near the hospital. Yeshivah nearby. 
Ein Sara -- cottages  and apartments. Near the mall.
Town center -- more expensive neighborhood with an older population. Near shopping and restaurants.  
Beachfront area -- built up in the '60s and '70s. Approximately a mile from the town center, within walking distance of the town's beaches
Amidar neighborhood -- families, detached houses and  apartments
Givat Osishkin -- large Chabad community with a synagogue and mikve

Some of the local real estate agents who operate in Nahariya include: 
Nahariya Real Estate