Nahariya Area Activities

Visitors who come to a vacation in Nahariya have many additional sites to visit in the area. A northern Israel vacation can include a wide range of experiences including religious, historical and cultural activities as well as opportunities to experience the nature of the region.     

·         Montfort Castle -- the Montfort Castle is approximately 22 miles northeast of Nahariya near Kibbutz Eilon. It was built by the Crusaders as a farming community and was erected on a steep cliff above the southern bank of the Kziv river. The site is now part of the Nahal Kziv nature reserve in Park Goren. The hike to the fortress is a popular walk and takes approximately 45 minutes. 

 Montfort Castle

·         The Bahai Gardens are part of the Bahai temple in Haifa. The Bahais adhere to a unique religious belief that originated in Iran, but they have been persecuted by the Iranian Muslims and are now centered in Haifa. They maintain a stunning garden along the slopes of the Haifa mountain which is open to locals as well as people enjoying their northern Israel vacation.

 Bahai Gardens

·          Rosh Ha-Nikra -- the natural grottos of Rosh HaNikra are carved into the rocks of the sea cliffs. The geologic formations create a stunning opportunity for people who are taking their vacation in Nahariya to explore the natural beauty of the area. There are cable cars which transport visitors through the grottos.

 Rosh HaNikra

·         Kibbutz Lohamei Hageta’ot 04-995-8080 (the Ghetto Fighters Kibbutz). The kibbutz, just northeast of Nahariya, was started by Holocaust survivors. Their museum offers a wide range of experiences that enable visitors to learn more about the holocaust including models of concentration camps, portrayals of Jewish resistance and an overview of the Warsaw Jewish community both before and during World War II. It includes a separate museum, Yad Layeled, which is designed to children learn about the Holocaust.

 Kibbutz Lohamei Hageta'to

·         Achziv was the area in which the Tribe of Asher settled. It had been previously settled by Phoenicians and is the site of an ancient port. There are 2 creeks nearby, Kziv and Sha'al. The site today is a national park with remains of a village from the Middle Ages, archaeological finds and lagoons.

 Achziv national Park

·         Acre/Acco -- Acco lies just south of Nahariya, between Nahariya and Haifa. It is one of the oldest continually-inhabited sites in Israel. The Crusaders took Acco and stayed there for almost the entire period of the Crusader's invasion of the Land of Israel. There are extensive archaeological excavations in Acco including underground passages, a huge mosque, a Christian monastery, Turkish baths, an in and halls built by the Knights Templar during their stay in the city.  

 Acco/Acre Underground rooms

·         Yehiam Castle -- near Kibbutz Yihiam. Part of the Israel Parks Authority. Offers a picnic site and opportunity to look at the Western Galilee vista from the top of the citadel. The castle was inhabited by the Crusaders and the Turks. The first kibbutz members lived in the castle -- 100 kibbutz members were killed defending the kibbutz during the War of Independence. A Renaissance Festival is held in the area every year during Succot where costumed historical characters tell the story of the castle. 

 Yechiam Castle