Eateries in Nahariya

One of the great pleasures of a northern Israel vacation is the delicious cuisine which can be found in abundance in Nahariya. Whether you're coming for a vacation in Nahariya or plan to stay in the area you can find plenty of mouth-watering restaurants and, if you wish, catering for Shabbat. 

blueberry nahariya

o    Bordeaux  42 HaGa'aton  04-951-4079  Kosher. Offers dairy foods and fish entrees.

o    Café Café  35 HaGa'aton  04-951-2350 Kosher. Coffee house with salads, sandwiches and soups.

cafe cafe nahariya

o    Kapulsky  on the seaside promenade  04-992-1985. Kosher. Italian and Mediterranean cuisine, dairy. Coffees and teas and desserts

·         Penguin Restaurant /Pingvin  04-911-9239 Haga’aton.  Not Kosher.  International cuisine including pizza, Italian entrees, toasted sandwiches, sandwiches, meat entrees. Specializes in deserts

·         Arnolds  Kosher. Moshav Nativ Hashayara. Meat restaurant with a flavor of home-cooked meals

·         Donatella 36 Gaaton St. 04-992-0011. Not Kosher. Specializes in Italian and pizza cuisine.

·         Ida's   48 HaGa'aton St. 04-9513444  Not Kosher. Specializes in meat, fish and sea foods,  all with a classy Mediterranean flair

·         Capri Pizza  20 HaGaaton Blvd. 04-9923395 Kosher  Pizza and Italian cuisine

·         Classicoffee  2    Irit St., HaZafon Mall 04-9000047 Kosher  Café with a dairy menu of salads, soups and sandwiches.

·         Greg Coffee  Waitzman 65 Street  04-9922640   Kosher  Dairy, serves breakfasts amd provides catering.

·         HaTikva Skewers   Hutzot Regba   04-9824646   Kosher menu includes meat Kababs and Schwarma

·         Maggies  13 Lochamei HaGetaot Street   04-9000818  Kosher, meat menu,  specializes in Home style dishes, does deliveries

·         Mom's Burekas  20 HaGaaton  04-9922942, 052-668070  Kosher, dairy coffee bar with sandwiches and various types of burekkas.

burekkas nahariya

·         Mukpatz Thailandi   28 HaGaaton     04-9001010  Kosher, meat menu with Chinese and Asian cuisine

·         Sendvesh bar  Hagaton 19   04-9510606  Kosher  Sendvesh Bar Sandwiches

·         Shato  35 Hagaaton   04-9920886 Kosher   Snato offers Thai and Asian cuisine in a bistro atmosphere along with homestyle European  fish and meat dishes

·         The Lantern  On the promenade  04-9920373  Kosher  The Lantern is a beachside Bar/Café with both a dairy area and a meat restaurant. The Lantern offers catering.