Welcome to Nahariya

Nahariya was established in 1935 and since its early days the quaint oceanside town has attracted visitors who come to enjoy a northern Israel vacation. The city sits along the pristine beaches of the Mediterranean where  cafes and bistros give the town its European flavor. Combined with the and the small-town atmosphere, a vacation in Nahariya is the highlight of a trip to northern Israel.  

Whether you want to explore the region's prehistoric ruins, want to learn about the era of the "chalutzim" and the creation of modern Israel, wish to enjoy the city activities or additional sites of the area, there are many opportunities for you to enjoy when you come to experience a Nahariya vacation. 
nahariya israel

Nahariya offers a wide range of cultural and religions services to suit any guest's needs or expectations.

The Nahariya beachfront is the highlight of the city with gentle waves, carefully-tended beaches, a promenade and a wide variety of oceanfront eateries to ensure that visitors enjoy a relaxing and tranquil vacation experience. If you have a car you can also explore some additional nearby beaches.

No matter what draws you to a Nahariya vacation you can look forward to a relaxing and invigorating northern Israel vacation.