Daily Prompts

The first National Haiku Writing Month began on February 1, 2011. On the NaHaiWriMo page on Facebook on that very first day, someone (I wish I could remember who) asked if it might be possible to have a daily writing prompt, which I provided each day of that first month. As the month drew to a close, the Facebook page's hundreds of participants from around the world wanted the prompts to continue in subsequent months, and so the daily haiku prompts have continued, turning NaHaiWriMo into more of a IntHaiWriYear, or International Haiku Writing Year. The enthusiasm and community has been wonderful (read comments about NaHaiWriMo). The following is a list of each of the prompters who have volunteered their time to inspire haiku on the site (most recent prompter listed first), linking to all of his or her prompts for the month. Prompts for the current month are added after the end of that month. You can also visit the NaHaiWriMo page on Facebook and click the Notes tab to find an entry corresponding to the current month to read current prompts there. Starting in January 2014, all prompt words have been following the alphabet (all January words starting with the letter A, February with B, and so on). Thanks to each of the following prompters for their haiku creativity, enthusiasm, and inspiration! You can read more about prompters (starting in 2014) at Meet the Prompters.

“For anyone who is new to NaHaiWriMo, the idea is to write a haiku a day, using the prompts to help, and then to share your poem on the NaHaiWriMo Facebook page, if you want to. Interpret the prompts in any way you like and go off-prompt if a prompt comes up that you really don’t respond to. But even if a prompt doesn’t immediately inspire you, have a go anyway. I’ve sometimes found that a ‘hard’ prompt can give me a useful nudge out of my usual haiku habits. It’s delightful if you write something that you wouldn’t have written otherwise.—Alison Williams, Southampton, England

June: Patty Hardin [prompts to be made available here after the month ends]
May: Cindy Lutz [coming soon]
April: Devin Harrison [coming soon]
March: Paul David Mena [coming soon]
February: Michael Dylan Welch [coming soon]
January: Chrissi Villa [coming soon]

December: Alison Williams [coming soon]
November: Gary Blankenship [coming soon]
October: Stella Pierides [coming soon]
September: Karla Decker [coming soon]
August: Kris Kondo [coming soon]
July: Vinay Ravindranath [coming soon]
June: Angie Werren [coming soon]
May: Patty Hardin [coming soon]
April: Andew O. Dugas (Haiku Andy) [coming soon]
March: Laura Williams [coming soon]

“Many thanks to the NaHaiWriMo community and the prompters in particular. For me the prompters are the kernel of this generous and fun group.” —Alex Benedict, Kensington, California