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     The path of knowledge begins with acquiring your own personal power. The abstract cores of sorcery,  shown in The Power of Silence by Carlos Castenada, introduces our facilities to the descent and knock of the spirit into our lives. At first, there can be much confusion in the interaction of everyday affairs that we are used to. Duties, whether with business, family or recreation, have precedence over the code with which the spirit may demand we live by.

'The Power of Silence' by Carlos Castaneda.        Search Inside Power of Silence

     An antidote to disturbing emotions that may arise and conflict is The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz, a shaman/altruist of the Eagle Knight lineage, who currently lives in Mexico. His work is a modern handbook to recognizing thought patterns that create hell in our lives and the slow transition to being immune from the poison of the 'Mitote', or fog (In India it's referred to as 'Maya', meaning illusion). The Mitote can be compared to a nearly infinite amount of people all talking and acting at the same time.

       'The Four Agreements' by Don Miguel Ruiz. Search Inside The Four Agreements

 The time is coming though where great cataleptic events will shake our foundations. Mountains will crumble, lands will be destroyed. The best guide I've found, believe it or not, is actually The Complete Idiots Guide to THE LAST DAYS. Yes, it's true 'The Idiots Guide' holds the truth to chapter 7, the great war. The rulers of the earth beware, less you flare the anger of gods wrath. Consuming fire and burning anger will forever destroy the fields of the wicked, and the righteous (the few that are left) will forget there shame and unfaithfulness. It will be a great day when all man knows his rule from one ruler, all nations will be equal, and no longer will the world be divided from liberty and justice.

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With all this wickedness now prevailing, it is nice to take solace in words of faith and comfort. But where is there any truly aspiring words? All seems tainted and corrupted with greed. Wait, there is a light through the fog; listen-

     'Speak gently, speak kindly to those who falter. Ye know not their own temptation, nor the littleness of their understanding. Judge not as to this or that activity of another; rather pray that the light may shine even in their lives as it has thine.  Grace and love are virtues in thee. Keep them in such ways and manners that thy life may direct others, though ye speak never a word. For what the body-mind is speaks louder than what people say. Keep the faith.'

-'Quiet Thoughts' by Edgar Cayce                View Quiet Thoughts

      What the body-mind is is precisely what is missing from reasoning and rational science. The cognitive order of the unknown (as opposed to the known, the place of reason) operates similiar to our cognitive world, yet it is a vastly different understanding and seeing then what we have been domesticated too. Upon acquiring the strength to enter this seperate reality, one discovers energetic truth as it flows directly in the universe.

'The Active Side of Infinity' by Carlos Castaneda. Search Inside The Active Side of Infinity

      The efforts of our learning knowledge can be summed in total with one book - The Active side of Infinity. A complete story of one man's conquest from the first attention (the belief system and inventory we didn't choose to make) to the second attention (the freedom to create ones reality free from suffering, misery, and misfortune). Under the tutelage of Don Juan, the elusive magical Yaqui Indian, the books author prepares for the summation of the events of his life. What he discovers will leave you breathless.   When you decide to breathe again, you will be ready for the true understanding of your own self. The complicated task of knowing ones self has been shrouded in mystery for ages.  Now, at the end of this era, truth is emerging from divine sources all over the world.

'The Voice of Knowledge' by Don Miguel Ruiz.    Search Inside The Voice of Knowledge  

  To guide individuals to personal freedom, Don Miguel Ruiz prepared the final book in his epic Toltec Wisdom series which confronts our enemy head on. The book, The Voice of Knowledge speaks to our true voice, the voice of our integrity.