As Winter Comes

As the winter came on and the days got rougher
Eating grass became a lot tougher.
The hay they gave me wasn’t sufficient
They started to think that I was different.

But if these problems weren’t enough
My teeth were sharp, out of balance, and rough.
And as my cheeks were blistered and sore
Eating then became a real chore.

There wasn’t much more they thought they could do
They had some ideas but only a few.
They wormed me, rugged me and brought me in
But by then I was becoming really thin.

Then one day a friend did insist
I needed a visit from an equine dentist
Within two days the dentist was here
Assisted by a vet from fairly near.

He opened my mouth and stood back in shock
And said 'Why have you left me to do such a lot?'