About Me

I am an equine dental technician practicing in basic and advanced equine dentistry. I am based in the Midlands and cover the Ashby De La Zouch area.

I first became interested in dentistry for horses through my love of the animals both as an owner and as a sportsman (horse team driving and point to point). Even on the professional circuit there is confusion regarding the care of horses’ mouths. While some advised regular inspections from six months old, others suggested the simple removal of sharp edges. It was even suggested to me that the rasping of teeth can loosen them.

I subsequently studied equine dentistry at the American School of Equine Dentistry in Maryland. I studied the conformation of the horse’s head, chewing action and the mastication process; what is correct, and what can be done if it is not. With the right tools and techniques it is possible to correct virtually all abnormalities found in an equine’s mouth.

Upon my return to the UK I have been practicing equine dentistry for both private and professional owners, including racing trainers.