Nagpur International Marathon 2011 Run for Non Voilence on Sunday 30 January 2011

Nagpur International Marathon 2011 is organized by The World Non-violence Day Organizing Committee, Nagpur. With Nagpur all world can run for non violence on Sunday 30 January 2011. Expected that the world class player runners are participated in Nagpur international marathon 2011. We all Nagpurian people invited all players in Nagpur and thankful to serving you a best facility's. Take participation in nagpur international marathon 2011 and spread the message of Non Violence with celebration of The World Non-violence Day.
Schedule Of 2011 Nagpur International Marathon

Date            :-      Sunday 30 January 2011
Time            :-      Morning 07:00 Am
Starting Point    :-    Reserve Bank Square (Kasturchand Park)
Finishing Point    :-    Yashwant Stadium, Dhantoli

Prizes Of 2011 Nagpur International Marathon

Total Prize Amount For Nagpur International Marathon Is 37,59,400/- Rupee.