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    Ikerbasque Research Professor

    University of the Basque Country

    Email: nagore.iriberri(at)gmail.com

    CV (updated December 2018)

Working papers:

"Brave Boys and Play-it-Safe Girls: Gender Differences in Willingness to Guess in a Large Scale Natural Field Experiment" (2019) (with Pedro Rey-Biel)

"Are Referees and Editors in Economics Gender Neutral?" (2018) (with David Card, Stefano DellaVigna and Patricia Funk)

"Gender Differences in Alternating-offer Bargaining: An Experimental Study" (2017) (with Iñigo Hernández-Arenaz)

"Non-equilibrium Play in Centipede Games" (2016) (with Bernardo Garcia-Pola and Jaromir Kovarik)


"What you don't know... Can't hurt you? A natural field experiment on relative performance feedback in higher education" (with Ghazala Azmat, Manuel Bagues and Antonio Cabrales) Accepted for publication at Management Science.

"Competitive Presssure Widens the Gender Gap in Performance: Evidence from a Two-Stage Competition in Mathematics" (with Pedro Rey-Biel), The Economic Journal, 2019, Vol 129(620), pp. 1863–1893. Summary of this paper at VOXeu and Barcelona GSE Focus.

"Women ask for less (only from men): Evidence from bargaining in the field" (with Iñigo Hernandez-Arenaz), Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 2018, Vol 152, pp. 192-214. Summary of this paper at AEON.

"Stereotypes are Only a Threat when Beliefs are Reinforced: On the Sensitivity of Gender Differences in Performance under Competition to Information Provision" (with Pedro Rey-Biel) Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 2017, Vol 135, pp. 99-111.

"Gender Differences in Response to Big Stakes" (with Ghazala Azmat and Caterina Calsamiglia) Journal of the European Economic Association, 2016, Vol 14(6), pp. 1372–1400. Summary of this paper at VOXeu - CEP.

"The Provision of Relative Performance Feedback: An Analysis of Performance and Satisfaction" (with Ghazala Azmat) Journal of Economics and Management Strategy, 2016, Vol 25(1), pp. 77–110.

"Promoting Rule Compliance in Daily-Life: Evidence from a Randomized Field Experiment in the Public Libraries of Barcelona" (with Jose Apesteguia and Patricia Funk) European Economic Review 2013, 64, pp. 266–284.

"Structural Models of Non-equilibrium Strategic Thinking:Theory, Evidence, and Applications" (with Vincent P. Crawford, Miguel A. Costa-Gomes) Journal of Economic Literature 2013, 51:1, pp. 5–62.

"Minority Language and the Stability of Bilingual Equilibria" (with Jose Ramon Uriarte) Rationality and Society 2012, Vol. 24(4), pp. 442–462.

"The Impact of Gender Composition on Team Performance and Decision-Making: Evidence from the Field" (with Jose Apesteguia and Ghazala Azmat)  Web-Appendix Management Science, Vol. 58(1) January 2012, pp. 78–93.

"The Role of Role Uncertainty in Modified Dictator Games" (with Pedro Rey-Biel) Experimental Economics 2011, Vol.14(2), pp.160–180.

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"Level-k Auctions: Can a Non-Equilibrium Model of Strategic Thinking Explain the Winner's Curse and Overbidding in Private-Value Auctions?" (with Vincent P. Crawford)  Appendix to Level-k Auctions Econometrica 2007, Vol. 75 (6), pp. 1721–1770.

"Fatal Attraction: Salience, Naivete, and Sophistication in Experimental "Hide-and-Seek" Games" (with Vincent P. Crawford) Appendix to Hide-and-Seek American Economic Review 2007, Vol. 97(5), pp. 1731–1750.