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    Ikerbasque Research Professor

    University of the Basque Country

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    CV (updated December 2017)


"Competitive Presssure Widens the Gender Gap in Performance: Evidence from a Two-Stage Competition in Mathematics" (with Pedro Rey-Biel)                                                  Accepted for publication at The Economic Journal. Summary of this paper at VOXeu and Barcelona GSE Focus

"Stereotypes are Only a Threat when Beliefs are Reinforced: On the Sensitivity of Gender Differences in Performance under Competition to Information Provision" (with Pedro Rey-Biel) Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 2017, Vol 135, pp. 99-111.

"Gender Differences in Response to Big Stakes" (with Ghazala Azmat and Caterina Calsamiglia)                                                                                                                             Journal of the European Economic Association, 2016, Vol 14(6), pp. 1372–1400. Summary of this paper at VOXeu - CEP

"The Provision of Relative Performance Feedback: An Analysis of Performance and Satisfaction" (with Ghazala Azmat)                                                                                            Journal of Economics and Management Strategy, 2016, Vol 25(1), pp. 77–110.

"Elicited Beliefs and Social Information in Modified Dictator Games: What Do Dictators Believe Other Dictators Do?" (with Pedro Rey-Biel) Web-Appendix                              Quantitative Economics 2013, 4, pp. 515–547.

"Promoting Rule Compliance in Daily-Life: Evidence from a Randomized Field Experiment in the Public Libraries of Barcelona" (with Jose Apesteguia and Patricia Funk)             European Economic Review 2013, 64, pp. 266–284.

"Structural Models of Non-equilibrium Strategic Thinking:Theory, Evidence, and Applications" (with Vincent P. Crawford, Miguel A. Costa-Gomes)                                               Journal of Economic Literature 2013, 51:1, pp. 5–62.

"Minority Language and the Stability of Bilingual Equilibria" (with Jose Ramon Uriarte)                                                                                                                                       Rationality and Society 2012, Vol. 24(4), pp. 442–462.

"The Impact of Gender Composition on Team Performance and Decision-Making: Evidence from the Field" (with Jose Apesteguia and Ghazala Azmat)  Web-Appendix              Management Science, Vol. 58(1) January 2012, pp. 78–93.

"The Role of Role Uncertainty in Modified Dictator Games" (with Pedro Rey-Biel).                                                                                                                                          Experimental Economics 2011, Vol.14(2), pp.160–180.

"The Importance of Relative Performance Feedback Information: Evidence from a Natural Experiment Using High School Students" (with Ghazala Azmat)  Web-Appendix             Journal of Public Economics 2010, Vol. 94(7-8), pp. 435–452.

"Comparing Models of Strategic Thinking in Van Huyck, Battalio, and Beil’s Coordination Games" (with Miguel A. Costa-Gomes and Vincent P. Crawford)  Appendix                    Journal of the European Economic Association 2009, Vol. 7(2-3), pp. 365–376.

"Level-k Auctions: Can a Non-Equilibrium Model of Strategic Thinking Explain the Winner's Curse and Overbidding in Private-Value Auctions?" (with Vincent P. Crawford)  Appendix to Level-k Auctions    
Econometrica 2007, Vol. 75 (6), pp. 1721–1770.

"Fatal Attraction: Salience, Naivete, and Sophistication in Experimental "Hide-and-Seek" Games" (with Vincent P. Crawford) Appendix to Hide-and-Seek                                  American Economic Review 2007, Vol. 97(5), pp. 1731–1750.

Working papers:

"Women ask for less (only from men): Evidence from bargaining in the field" (2016) (with Iñigo Hernandez-Arenaz)

"What you don't know... Can't hurt you? A field experiment on relative performance feedback in higher education" (2016) (with Ghazala Azmat, Manuel Bagues and Antonio Cabrales)

"Non-equilibrium Play in Centipede Games" (2016) (with Bernardo Garcia-Pola and Jaromir Kovarik)

"Gender Differences in Alternating-offer Bargaining: An Experimental Study" (2017) (with Iñigo Hernández-Arenaz)

PhD students:

Bernardo Garcia-Pola. PhD defense (sometime) in October 2018.

Iñigo Hernandez-Arenaz. 2017. University of Balearic Island.