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This page was last updated on June 19, 2011
We offer several apartments located in the downtown San Jose district of Naglee Park, a beautiful tree-lined residential community. These apartments are occupied by local professionals who seek a quiet retreat within walking distance to a revitalized downtown.

For general descriptions and locations of our apartments, click Apartments . For information about individual units that are currently available, call (408) 888-0202.

For more information about the Naglee Park area, click Location .

If you are interested in renting one of our units, please contact Irene for availability, rental requirements, and application forms. Please include your day- and night-time phone numbers and email (if available). If you are requesting an application form, include your current mailing address or fax number. You can also print out the Application Form available on this website. Your inquiry will be returned during standard business hours.

Contact Information
To contact Irene, you can call or email:
  • phone: (408) 888-0202

Did you know as a prospective renter you should consider asking the apartment manager key questions about their business and management practices? These questions can help you better determine whether an apartment that looks like a match really is one.