Federal Employee Protections

There are many protections under United States Codes (USC) and Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), Agency Regulations, Executive Orders (EO), EO's often revoked or rewritten by successors, and more.  The protective laws and rules are administered and enforced by a completely unmanageable array of Executive and Judicial branch offices.  Every one running for office wants to FIX this.
  • Federal US workers are largely covered (by law) under Titles 5 and 45 USC, CFR.
  • Many additional protections come from Executive Orders
  • Specific Acts:  Whistle Blower, EEO and others
  • Negotiated agreements, Labor Contracts address many items NOT COVRED by law
  • Some benefits come from local Command Policy and often survive that Command
There are reward points for assisting in collecting this body of knowledge.  The web, law reviews and here Google Sites, are big force multipliers, please, contribute.
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