National Health Insurance


All students, including foreign students who are qualified to stay in Japan for more than 1 year, are required to enroll in National Health Insurance.
Go to your local ward office (for Nagatsuta House residents, Midori-Ku ward office) and complete enrollment procedures.
You will need:
    Alien Registration Card
    personal seal (or signature)
    If you plan to stay in Japan for less than one year, then you must show a proof (student registration certificate, etc.)
For more information, visit the City of Yokohama Website

Insurance Benefit

You will receive a copy of your National Health Insurance Certificate via postal delivery.
Keep it with you at all times, in case of emergency.
A patient is required to show his Insurance Certificate in order to see a doctor.
In most cases, 30% of your medical costs will be covered for every doctor visit. 
(There may be exeptions, where only 10~20% is covered)

Premium Reduction and Exemption

Students may be eligible for premium reduction or exemption, depending on their annual income.
For more information, please check below link.
Applications are to be made at Midori-Ku Ward Office. 
You can ask your nearest tutor to accompany you.