Instructor Profile

    The instructors are Derek Willoughby 5th Dan Shukokai, and Jasmine Macauley 1st Dan Shukokai 
    Derek has also be seen regularly on DMDigital TV (Sky 802) on Saturday mornings  at 11.00, alongside Nisar Smiler 7th Dan Goju Ryu

    Name: Derek Willoughby

    (Chief Instructor)

    Age: Over 18

    Grade: 6th Dan Shukokai (24/11/12)

    Years Training: Since 1985

    Former Chief Kata Instructor and Chief Kumite Referee for the Northern Karate Union National Squad. He is also the former Chief Referee to the World Martial Arts Council. He is currently the Chief Instructor to Nagashi Shukokai Karate. He is the Vice chairman for the WorldMac Alliance England. Karate Facilitator (Manchester) WorldMac Alliance England, Education Executive for the WorldMAC Alliance.  Felloow of the International Guild of Masters.

     Likes: Karate, Watching Motorcycling, Good Sportsmanship

    Dislikes: Bad Sportsmanship, Bad Jokes…….

    Tournaments Attended: Too many to remember

    Favourite Technique: Armlock with takedown

    Most Memorable Achievement: Being part of the England Team that came 2nd in the German 5 Nations Championship

    Aims and Aspirations: For my students to open their own clubs under Nagashi Shukokai

    Favourite Food: Curry