About Jonathan Naftali, Adv.

Yoni Naftali

Jonathan Naftali began his training in the field of handwriting identification with Dr. A. Naftali in 1982 and also studied graphology at the College of graphology under the leadership of Michal Naftali and with Ms. Aliza Loebstein.

In 1994 Naftali graduated from the law school of the Tel-Aviv University and completed his apprenticeship at the Tel-Aviv – Jaffa District Court. Until the year 2000 Jonathan Naftali practiced law, amongst others in the law office of Shmuel Tamir, who is a former Minister of Justice, while continuing his work at the Naftali Institute.

Jonathan Naftali, Adv. Is a member of the Israeli Association of Scientific Graphology and of the American Association of Handwriting Analysts - A.A.H.A.

Today, Jonathan Naftali runs the Handwriting Identification Institute and is also a mediator and arbitrator.

Preparation of cross-examinations in court – Naftali specializes in the preparation of cross-examinations that take place in court and serves as an advisor in the field for many law offices.

Appointments by the court as a handwriting expert – most of Jonathan Naftali's work in the Institute comes from appointments as a handwriting identification expert by the various law courts in Israel.

About Dr. Aryeh Naftali (Ragolsky)

Leo Naftali

Dr. Aryeh Naftali (Ragolsky) was born in Kenigsburg, in Eastern Prussia. He immigrated to Israel in 1936 and served in the police force of the British Mandate as a handwriting expert. At the same time he was an active member of the "Hagana" (Jewish underground in British mandatory Palestine).

In 1948, with the establishment of the State of Israel, Aryeh Naftali was appointed the head of the criminal identification laboratories of the Israel Police Force – which includes the examination of documents, blood examinations, fingerprint examination and more. In 1955 Aryeh Naftali relocated to Germany as an emissary of the Defense Ministry, where he completed the medical studies he had started before the Nazi regime. His doctorate thesis dealt with changes in handwriting during psychotherapy treatment.

In 1959 Dr. Aryeh Naftali returned to Israel and was appointed as a lecturer in the Criminology Department of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. In 1978 Dr. Aryeh Naftali established the Israeli Association of Scientific Graphology and was active in promoting the scientific status of the various branches of graphology, in Israel and around the world. His book, "Graphology and Medicine – handwriting, the body and the soul" was published in 1991, a year after he passed away.

Dr. Aryeh Naftali knew how to combine his work in the field of legal graphology – handwriting identification and the field of diagnostic graphology – within the setting of the Naftali Institute. Dr. Aryeh Naftali was able to combine his expertise in the fields of legal graphology – handwriting identification and diagnostic graphology within the framework of the Naftali Institute. Today, the diagnostic graphology department of the institute is run by Ms. Michal Naftali. The institute also includes a college for graphology studies, which employs some of the leading graphologists in Israel as lecturers.

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