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The Naftali Institute is one of the most senior establishments in Israel in the field of handwriting identification – legal graphology 

The institute was founded by Dr. Aryeh Naftali. Dr. Naftali also established the criminal identification laboratories of the Israel Police Force and the Israeli Association of Scientific Graphology.

Today, the Handwriting Identification department of the Naftali Institute is run by Mr. Jonathan Naftali, Adv., who has experience in the legal field and in preparing cross-examinations.

The Institute works mainly with the Israeli Court System and also with lawyers in Europe and in the U.S. The Naftali Institute appears on the courts' list of experts and is appointed by the various courts as an expert in the field of handwriting identification, also known as legal graphology.

The Naftali Institute prepares document examinations according to appointments of the various courts – District, Magistrates', Family, Labor and Rabbinical. Also, the institute conducts examinations for various government organizations, universities, colleges, insurance companies, banks, law offices etc. Some of the most senior law offices and lawyers inIsrael are included in the Nafali Institute's list of customers.

The Naftali Institute works in a professional manner, meticulously performs examinations of dozens of handwriting characteristics in each case and performs the examinations, when it is possible, based on original documents and a sufficient number of examples for comparison, including dictated examples that are given by the person who denies the signatures and also coincidental examples, from the period of the suspected documents or around that time.