Welcome to North Andover's Food Rescue Program!
Each week, hundreds of pounds of food are thrown in the trash at our schools here in North Andover.  Much of this waste is still perfectly good for consumption - whole fruit and packs of vegetables, containers of milk, and many other packaged items.  

While students are encouraged to eat what they have or save food for later and/or take it home, many choose to throw it away instead.  By collecting this unconsumed/unopened food, not only are we reducing our impact on the environment with decreasing waste and reducing our waste removal costs, we are able to provide snacks to other students in our district who may need it, as well as support our neighbors in need through the local food pantries and shelters.

Last year, we piloted this program with great success at NAMS (watch the NAMS Video), and now we are working with all of the elementary schools (watch the Elementary School Video).  

In order to help our community, we need your help.  
Many hands make light work, so grab a friend and join us!

As with any volunteer opportunity in our schools, you must have a valid CORI to assist - please contact the secretary in your building to complete one if needed.