The Technocratic Republic of



The Technocracy of Netherland is a satellite-republic of France in the republican bloc of Western Europe. It is a low-lying country, known since ancient times as a prime-exporter of sabots, a kind of sylvan pediform clothing accessory. As centuries have gone by, the Dutch, who inhabit this strange country, have fought against the rising sea and descending ground. Over time, they have become experts in matters of flooding and other such water-related technologies. The Dutch are also known for their dreaded windmills, a source of much anxiety in the war-rooms of London and Berlin.

The Technocracy

Netherland is a meritocracy or a geniocracy where the political power of an individual is proportional to their merits or intellectual prowess. Each citizen is provided with a Book of Ideas regularly, into which ideas are to be scribbled down as soon as they come. Then these ideas may be stamped by registrars, to offer proof of originality. These records are collected by the government, and much effort is used to analyse and annalise them so that the best might be used.

The Great Dam

Netherland is bordered to the north by the sea - and the Great Dam. The Great Dam is a giant dike-dam system that has been built to encompass the whole of the northern Wadden Sea, and by extension the Zuiden Sea more inland.

The Dam is actually a collection of many concentric dams, each smaller than the last, keeping out the North Sea. The terraced dam-system's main function is to provide a strengthening slope to bank the outer-most dam, and to act as a channel-system to be navigated by ships moving inland or to the sea through several locks (pictured).

These dams are so huge that small towns have been born to scale them like a lichen upon stone. The dams and lock-systems also provide hydraulic power, which can be used for industrial production and just to operate the lichen cities on the dams.