The Wonderful Worlds of

The Steamopera,

by Kristian Järventaus

by Appointment to HRH the Grand Drighteness of Finland


A Repository of Knowledge pertaining to or of the fictional World of Steam, Science & Space during the Reign of Victor I of the Union Kingdom King and Emperor.


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Welcome to the transient homepage of my, Kristian Järventaus', constructed and completely fictional world of the Steamopera! Here you should be able to find articles of information concerning the Steamopera, alongside many illustrative pictures, symbols, maps and other miscellanea.

It's around 19th centurish, and the world as we know it... Isn't.




As you may have noticed, suddenly the whole site turned into shite. Well, not suddenly, but y'know, annoyingly. Googlepages, the thingie I used before, and hosted by Google, was taken down, and everything was moved onto this straight-jacket of a WYSIWYG editor. No file-uploads (no extra files at all!), very limited editing capabilities, no HTML, and they even fucked up the theme. The brown "title"y thing up there? It's purely decorative now. You can't have text in it.

29. 06. 1908

A new version of the Map-making tutorial can be found at: here.


I've put up another set of pages for another project I have. They can be found at Cardua.


The old map of Venus was woefully inadequate, and has been replaced with a new one.  Also a smaller outline map of Mars, and its single continent.


I have added a Map of the World to the side-bar. A warning, it is still a work in progress.


To the side-bar on this front-page has been added a link to a preliminary map of Venus, with Dawaj's three main-peaks and surrounding areas marked on it. 


Though this is the primary source for all things Steamopera, sometimes I do not add everything here. Neither have I announced them here, so I might as well do it now, though it is a bit late.

 On DeviantArt, I have posted a picture depicting the flags of North America, and, recently added, a tutorial for creating maps with my "Þe Olde Timeligh Mappe" method.


I've added a separate page for the Martians of Mars.


A new page about Sáto, the Venerean board game. 


I've started to transcribe a ballad I found in the archives that I don't think I've seen published before. It seems to have been written by an anonymous English writer in the early in the century.  Three Hearts and One, or the Thorn Ballad, Nettle, Thistle and Rose, etc.


I have added a map of the North American continent. Enjoy! 


Changed the map again, this time increasing the area of the Technocracy of Netherland further into the Atlantic. I have also added a small description of the technocracy itself, which can be found at The Technocratic Republic of Netherland.


Changed map, removing the Republic of Aragon and renaming the Republic of Netherlands into the Technocratic Republic of Netherland, and the Kingdom of Sardinia into the Acratic Republic of Sardinia. 

The Technocracy of Netherland is a land ruled by a meritocratic hierarchy where ideas are valued. Each Netherlander gets a Book of Ideas per year into which their ideas are written during a year, and occassionally stamped by local registrars to confirm someone's idea is original to that person.

The Anarchy of Sardinia is a dictatorship ruled by the Grand Anarch and his warlords.

Quartidi 28 Pyrial, BDDSV

Some more pages have been added, amongst them a description of the Conciliary Republic of France.


The map of Europe has been overhauled and remade in glory. It's quite good-looking this time, and some slight changes have been made to improve its accuracy, particularly regarding the border of the two Russias and the French satellite republic, the Republic of Aragon, located in the former territories of Spain in Catalonia, Aragon and Nevarre. I have also received a new stamp with the seal of the scribe of the Drightendom.


Added a link to a discussion message list, provided by the fine fellows at the Royal Googling Association. It is mainly meant for questions and pointers regarding my work on this opus, but feel free to rise to the barricades and speak your mind about other things if the fancy takes you once in a while.


I have done some work on the Flags and Symbols page. The old flags for the Union Kingdom, Danubia, Preussia and the Russias have been replaced by new versions, accompanied by appropriate descriptions.

Up-to-date 3.6.1907

Due to printing-errors, many of the images in this volume had been corrupted and turned into an incompatible form of pictorial codification. In this new edition, I've also taken the opportunity to fix some mistakes and mistypings.