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In (Partial) Defense of Doublethink

In (Partial) Defense of Doublethink

Spring 2018, Jewish Review of Books

What was wanted after the Revolution were eyes that were willing to close.

Mashed Potatoes and Meatloaf

Winter 2015, Jewish Review of Books

From overly familiar ingredients, Joanna Hershon has concocted something that is both satisfying and unexpected.

The Improbables

Summer 2014, Jewish Review of Books

Not writing what you know can help an author steer away from autobiographical shoals, but...

Forget Remembering

Winter 2014, Jewish Review of Books

Rutu Modan’s graphic novel The Property explores the uneasy coexistence of love and death.

Who Owns Margot?

Fall 2013, Jewish Review of Books

Far from midwifery in Palestine, this novel’s Margot Frank dreamt of wifery in Philadelphia...

A Neoplatonic Affair

Summer 2012, Jewish Review of Books

 As the tapestry of Hillel Halkin's first novel unfurls, we see how perfectly each part fits into the larger pattern.

Brother Daniel, Sister Ulitskaya

 Summer 2011, Jewish Review of Books

A novel about "Jewish Christians" and their saint.  

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Travels With Pnin

 July/August 2011, Moment magazine

Immigrant Spies

 March 2011, Jewish Book World