Advance Praise

Nadia Kalman is a brilliant writer and her novel, The Cosmopolitans, is one hell of a debut. It's a cultural epic, a family saga, and at least three different love stories, all served up in this one slim volume. Kalman's writing is crisp, her design elegant, and the book is astoundingly funny, too. I feel lucky that I got to read this terrific novel. You'll feel lucky, too.

--Victor LaValle, author of Big Machine, The Ecstatic, and Slapboxing with Jesus

 The Cosmopolitans takes some time-honored themes -- immigrant families in America, a trio of very different sisters negotiating an almost Austenian maze of suitors and marriage, the dreariness of Stamford, Connecticut -- and transforms them into something freshly felt and incredibly entertaining. I'm not sure exactly how this alchemy is achieved, but it has something to do with Nadia's Kalman's mordant wit and graceful style, as well as her respect for the human in all of her characters. Throw in a little magic realism, Brezhnev- style, and you've got a hilarious, moving debut.

-- Sam Lipsyte, author of The Ask, Home Land, Venus Drive, and The Subject Steve

Her prose is knowing, strange, whip sharp, wild but controlled, and humane.

-- Salvatore Scibona, author of The End