Annual Conference

The 2015 NADE Conference will be held from February 25 - 28 
in Greenville, SC.

We are planning another SPIN Sponsored session at next year's conference.  We will be talking about Math Course Redesign - part 2.  If you would like to participate in the panel, contact

Have you had a session accepted for the 2015 Conference?
Send the title and description to and it will be advertised here.


Welcome: MA Higgs and Susan McClory

Be sure to sign-in.

Introduction of current officers:

Susan McClory: Co-chair

MA Higgs: Co-chair

Daryl Stephens: Secretary (Check and make sure Karen Thompson-Wolfe is on our mail merge.)

Old Business:

·       NADE Spin-sponsored Session Friday at 1:15-3:05 in Wyeth. Speakers include

Susan McClory

Sandra DeSousa

Jennifer Kriechbaum

Barry Biddlecomb

Meredith Anne (MA) S. Higgs

Daryl Stephens

Brief speeches on what’s going on in different states by the speakers, then those attending will talk about what’s going on in their programs.

·       Newsletter has been updated and sent on e-mail. Please send MA information for the spring newsletter by March 27, 2014, to

MA asked for anything, even if it’s just 4 lines. We want to include information about our colleges’ programs and redesigns. Three weeks and three sentences. Shameless self-promotion is good. Susan posted a note on the website that the first person to send something would have gotten a candy bar of their choice at this conference. Newsletter will be emailed out by Tax Day. If someone doesn’t get the newsletter, they should email MA.


New Business:

·       NADE wants us to have a product that is an output. We are going to migrate our web page and make it a robust product.

Migrate to a Google website (free!). Goal: newsletters, links to resources, discussion boards. Geoff Akst talked about the AMATYC DMC, which has publications from subcommittees, surveys, and draft position statements. Web resources are useful. At least 10 people in the group will send us links to put on the web page. That could be videos, state policies, state blogs, links to articles, etc. Vote taken. Our output product will be a more functioning web page.

Is there some way that could get the program committee to send them to us to put on the web page?

·       Big Question: what can we put on the web page that you would send or use? Send links to Daryl (ongoing)

·       What else would you like to have? Please send to Susan, MA, or Daryl with links for studies, resources, self or chapter promotion, etc.

·       NADE Board wants 3 succinct talking points about Developmental Education. Discuss and create.

Think of some talking points and send them to Susan by March 27.

·       Session for next year: Topics? Yes. Voted for with no opposition.

o      Changes in gateway-level curriculum (e.g. pathways, Quantway, Statway, new state standards, etc.)

o      Redesigning math: Where are we now?

o      Early findings about redesign: Where’s the data?

o      Bleeding of dev ed being put in adult basic education and high schools

o      Adult learning in math, special populations in math classes

o      Lessons learned from redesign of redesign

o      Technology in math class: What are we doing? Apps? Etc.

o      Title: R2Reredesign topics in mathematics (special popuations, data, gateway, adult basic ed, legislation)

·       Election of officers.

o      Re-elected Susan, MA, and Daryl to current positions.

·       Any other new business?

·       Door prizes.