Teaching reviews

Nadeen Fankhauser

~Clarinetist and teacher

“Ms. Nadeen Fankhauser did a terrific job instructing my daughter during her clarinet lessons. She was very patient and helpful; always answering my daughter's questions and explaining things to her. My daughter improved in her playing during the year of her lessons and I would highly recommend Ms. Fankhauser as a teacher.” 

“Our son enjoyed and excelled at playing the clarinet under the wonderful guidance of Ms. Fankhauser. The judge at Brian's solo performance even commented on his ‘fine training’. We have Ms. Fankhauser to thank for her help in our son achieving a perfect score. It was a wonderful experience working with Ms. Fankhauser. Her professionalism is to be commended. We are sorry to have lost her as our school's ‘Master Clarinet Instructor’.” 

“She was the best clarinet instructor imaginable and provided me with such a wonderful experience. Through her teaching, I grew as a musician and was able to accomplish things I didn't know I was capable of.” 

“Nadeen was the best clarinet teacher I have ever had in my six years of playing.” 

“Nadeen is a very fun and likable teacher. She provides tons of interesting information on everything from reeds and instruments to orchestras and famous players. She is tremendously helpful and never fails to give you the support and help you need to tackle even the most difficult piece of music. Her suggestions and practice strategies cannot be beat.” 

“Nadeen has taught me so much over the past few years she has been teaching me. Everywhere I play they are amazed at the level I am playing at for my age. I am so thankful she was my teacher because I never would have achieved everything without her. She would be an excellent teacher. Great personality. Just a very caring person!” 

“Nadeen was a great teacher for my son who did not begin band until 6th grade. With Nadeen as an instructor, Charlie was easily able to catch up musically and master the clarinet!” 

“Nadeen has a gentle approach that helps kids feel comfortable and motivates them to want to continue. My daughter's skill with the clarinet was noticeably changed after the first 2 weeks. My daughter was fortunate to have worked with her for 2 years.” 

“She is a great teacher in all aspects and very professional. My son enjoyed having lessons with her and made a big progress.” 

“Emily says that Nadeen is AWESOME!”

"Nadeen is awesome. I loved her! Anyone who has her as a teacher will love her! She is the greatest!"