War in Heaven:

  Aatish Raj & Zeeshan Pervez




War in Heaven

Aatish Raj & Zeeshan Pervez


Music: Nadeem F. Paracha

Words & Concept: Nadeem F. Paracha

Production & Mixing: Zeeshan Pervez

Recorded at: Lucifer Opera Studio (Karachi)

Mastered & Produced at: Zeepar Studios (Peshawar)




After the war in heaven, this is the spot where Lucifer fell,

After the war in heaven, this is the spot where Lucifer fell.


 (Ëmbedded Lyrics)

In my mind I think it,

From life I take it,

In death I give it.


Bees are a mystery, stoned are the birds,

God is history, man is blood.



As the talk goes on, we are getting nowhere,

And that is a pleasure, And if anybody is sleepy, let him go to sleep.






The basics of the piece were originally conceived and written in 1995 (on a beat-up synthesizer) and was included as a “song” titled “The Aftergod” on the first Atish Raj album, Hard Tar & Black Bile.


The theme of the piece was the rising incidents of sectarian violence in Pakistan and the inherent tendency of organized religions to go through violent fragmentation leading to a history of exploitation, war and bloodshed.


The creative tool used to communicate all this (apart from the music), was the Biblical concept of “War in Heaven” in which a war between an army of rebelling angels (led by Lucifer) and an army of angels loyal to God (led by the archangel Michael), fight a bloody war in heaven.


The basic layout of the composition remained the same as it was in 1995. I then send the piece to Zeeshan Pervaz who painstakingly produced and mastered it in his home studios in Peshawar adding a lush degree of ambiance to the piece’s original industrial make-up.


 The final outcome is sounding as socially and aesthetically relevant (if not more), as it did ten years ago. I hope you will agree.

Work on a video for the piece is already underway and, of course, Zeeshan will be the one directing it.

                                                            _ Nadeem F. Paracha.