NACK Network - UPR Humacao Hub 
Physics and Electronics Department

The University of Puerto Rico at Humacao, as a member of the NACK Network, promotes participation of underrepresented groups in nanotechnology education and outreach to the US Hispanic Community.

Main Outcomes

-Implementation of a Teaching Cleanroom class 10,000.

-Twelve Nanotechnology Workshops offered throughout continuous education, one per semester, 187 workshop certificates issued by June 2015.

-Translation of PENN State nanotechnology instructional material to Spanish. Power Points available at

-Integration of two nanotechnology courses in our Associate Degree in Electronics Technology, offered since January 2014.  Results available at http://www.matec

-Workshop "Educating the Nanotechnology Workforce: What is Nano and Where are the Jobs?", November 2013, with 44 participants including NACK members, representatives of Community Colleges and of Universities. The workshop received participants from US, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Colombia and Brazil. Power Points available at

-Summer Workshop offered in collaboration with Humacao Community College, May 2014, 15 participants.