NACK Network - UPR Humacao Hub 
Physics and Electronics Department

The University of Puerto Rico at Humacao, as a member of the NACK Network, promotes participation of underrepresented groups in nanotechnology education and outreach to the US Hispanic Community.

 Nanotechnology education is been offered to:
  • Associate and Baccalaureate degree students (of natural sciences) that will become future workers within STEM related fields, preparing them to be inserted in the aerospace, manufacturing, and life science sectors, among others.

  • Industry and incumbent workers with an Associate or Baccalaureate degree in natural sciences, offering then the opportunity to upgrade their skills. 

"Cleanroom for Nanotechnology Research and Education"

Conference: NanoS&T2016: BIT's 6th Annual World Congress of Nano  Science and Technology - 2016

Webinar: "Integrating Nanotechnology as Part of the Curriculum of an Associate Degree in Electronics "   Technology Program"

Workshop: "Educating the Nanotechnology Workforce: What is Nano and Where are the Jobs?"