नचिकेता ताल, उत्तरकाशी,

நச்சிக்கேத்தா தால், உத்தர்காஷி

നാചിക്കേട്ട താല്‍, ഉത്തരകാശി

నచికేత తాల్, ఉత్తరకాశి

ನಚಿಕೇತ ತಾಲ್, ಉತ್ತರಕಾಶಿ

Nachiketa Taal is a small lake situated in the Himalaya near Utterkashi town in Uttrakhand. Apart from its scenic beauty and serene atmosphere, the lake is famous for its mythological significance. It is named after Nachiketa, the son of Rishi Vajshravas (also known as Uddalak), who went to meet Yama, the God of Death, after being cursed by him father in a state of rage. It was here, on this lake, that Nachiketa waited for Yama for three days and was ultimately bestowed three boons by Yama. Yamadwar, the abode of Yama, is also situated about 100 mts. away from the lake.

The story of Nachiketa is mentioned in Kathopanishad and Mahabharat. To read the story in detail please click here.

The dialogue between Nachiketa and Yama represents the most profound ideas of Indian philosophical thought. Instead of asking world pleasures as boons, Nachiketa asked Yama about the meaning of death and what remains after one dies, the Aatman; and how to attain the knowledge of Aatman.  In order to draw inspiration from the deep philosophical quest of Nachiketa, hundreds of spiritual seekers visit Nachiketa Taal each year.

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