Meet the Student of the Month

This student has jumped in feet first into NACE. Her first semester joining NACE UH, she approached the board about creating a Historian leadership position to maintain and preserve the NACE UH photos from all of our events and activities. In March she was the front leaders in recording the NACE UH Student Chapter "I Believe!" statements for the Foundation of NACE I Believe Campaign.

The April Student of the Month the NACE UH Leaders would like to recognize is

Summer McNeill

This student has been a member since spring 2011. She attended the NACE EXERPIENCE! 2011 conference this past summer and really started jumping at opportunities to be more involved.

Initially, she was asked to help assist with the planning of the February meeting, and in January was asked to take the lead on the entire event. She was up for the challenge, and at the time we only had a skeleton of a plan for the meeting and no venue. This student demonstrated her strong leadership skills and fierce ambition for a successful meeting. In 3-4 weeks she pulled together on of the largest student fundraisers of the year. She poured herself into this meeting, sometimes working around the clock to make it all come together. The February meeting raised enough funds to send several students to conference on a NACE UH Student Chapter Scholarship. For the March Student of the Month we would like to recognize Mehak Adamjee for her dedication and passion for the NACE UH Student Chapter.

The March Student of the Month the NACE UH Leaders would like to recognize is

Mehak Adamjee

This semester we would like to start recognizing a student member who has demonstrated profound passion for NACE and the hospitality industry by becoming more active in the NACE UH Student Chapter. This student member is someone who volunteers their time and and pursues leadership development through NACE.

The first month of the semester will be awarded to someone recognized from before the last break. After that each month recognizes someone's dedication and participation from the previous month they are awarded in. Each recipient is nominated and recognized on the behalf of the NACE UH Leaders.

Our first month we are recognizing a student that out-shined more than just a month, but all semester last fall. She participated in the Women of Wine Charities Event, Recipes for Success, The Pre-Law Conference Fundraiser, the Toys for Tots Christmas Party for the Depelchin Kids, amongst many more NACE activities. She exceeded the expectations of the requirements of being considered an "active" NACE UH Student Chapter member.

The February Student of the Month the NACE UH Leaders would like to recognize is

 Annabelle Villela