North Avon Christchurch BMX Club   nacbmx@gmail.com   PO Box 41075, Ferrymead, Christchurch 8247   Bexley Park entry off Pages Road (approx number 498)

What you need to race

When you are starting out you don't need all the latest gear, but you do need to wear stuff to keep you in one piece.
For training all you need is a well maintained bike, long pants and sleeves, gloves, shoes and helmet (full face if you have one).
Things to check on your bike
  • Tyres with air pressure
  • No pegs as they poke holes in people and take out spokes
  • Bar grips that cover the sharp ends of your handle bars
  • No sharp bits from old brackets or bells etc these too can hurt you or your competitors if you crash
  • Rear brake only, using a front break on a loose track generally means you face the dirt
The minimum to race at NAC Club Night or a weekend Interclub event is:
  • Full face helmet - this is the one that makes the biggest difference and you won't be allowed on the track without one that's in good condition, this is the first thing you should buy
  • Long Sleeve Shirt - not too baggy so it doesn't get caught in someone else's bars or your own bike
  • Long pants - preferably a heavy tear resistant fabric, not jeans
  • Shoes and Socks - real shoes done up firmly with socks that cover your ankles
  • Gloves - full finger gloves, old woolen/polypro gloves or even gardening gloves will do
  • A number plate - so the race organisers know who you are, there are specific rules as to what you need so to keep this easy you can purchase a North Avon Christchurch BMX Club plate for $15
The next step for a bike is a 20" BMX race bike or a 24" BMX cruiser, full face helmet, full finger gloves, race top and pants.  This doesn't have to cost a fortune, but it can if you want it to.
Number Plates for each class
  • Amateur Male - Yellow plate with Black numbers
  • Amateur Female - Blue plate with White numbers
  • Amateur Cruisers (Male and Female) - Red plate with White numbers
  • Sprocket - White plate with Red numbers (provided to you when you become a BMX NZ member)


Mini BMX: Age 3 up
4pm Tuesday - Suitable for first timers, learn basic skills and play on the track. 60 mins.
5pm Group; Sprocket, Junior, Intermediate and Parent Riders:
5pm Tuesday - Learn race skills and get race fit. 60 mins.
6pm; Senior Group:
6pm Tuesday - Skills, speed and good times. 60-90mins.

Track conditions / Training cancellations / Working Bees

Keep an eye on the North Avon Christchurch BMX Club Facebook page for all updates.  If it's raining or the track is too wet, please stay off the track.