Works of Martinus Thomsen

 I just felt it was important to have some of Martinus's papers and books available here for all to see, and making his work more reachable to those interested.

Please, to all of you who can read Danish, read this print of the magazine Kosmos:

I overtroens skygge (In the shadow of superstition) 

Main writings:

Martinus LivetsBog pdf

Livets Bog 1 of 7

The Eternal World Picture 1 of 4

Minor works:


About Myself My Mission And Its Significan.htm



TheGardenofGethsemane.htm  This is especially usefull to read for those who are having a hard time in their life.

Mht files can be opened both in Opera and with a Mozilla plugin. I think Explorer has something of the like too.

If there are any questions or problems with these books, please contact me at

I you wonder where I got these from, there is a whole collection which you can download from a torrent.

Just google search: Martinus Cosmology torrent

New: The homepage to Martinus Institute has began releasing several of Livet's Bog's volumes in English (a work in progress), as well as several other papers, for free. I am very happy that they are taking an advantage of the power the internet is giving to free information.

This is the page:

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