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N Y Hamza - Profile

The Profile – The founder of the concept Mari culture Farm Project in Mastura, he has actively conducted surveys and researches relative to Aquaculture operations in the world. During his sourcing for data and information vital to a successful launch of the project, he attended seminars and met with consultants and professional specialists in Mari Culture farming. 

N Y Hamza - He was first introduced to the concept of Mari Culture fisheries, when the King Abdul Aziz University aquaculture division approached him to promote cultured produce to the local market. Although, he was rather skeptical regarding the concept of cultured fisheries, his skeptics soon turned to total fascination as he began to comprehend the concept of growing cultured fisheries, which was at time only experimental in the Kingdom.



His introduction to Dr. Ponce Grandy, a professor, attached to the University's Aquaculture division for the past 15 years, was timely and productive. Dr. Grandy was responsible for widening his horizons to the sciences of the aquaculture benefits. The more comprehensible the technology of modern fisheries became, the desire of acquiring and implementing this technology has become the ultimate goal.

Background - With his business and management background, acquired from universities in London and the United States during his later years, he returned home to join the family business, the Al Barakat Group, specializing in providing cleaning and pest control services for over 28 years.

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N Y Hamza – Profile         
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When he first joined the company 20 years ago, his marketing and management skills were put through extensive challenges, upgrading the structure of the company through modernization techniques. After his initial introduction to cultured fisheries, he diverted and concentrated on food products for marketing, sensing the potential in the diversion of seafood consumption in the local market. 

The cultured fisheries were well absorbed into the local market, but as they could not meet market demands, the initiative was taken to source for catch fisheries from India and Yemen and import these into the local markets. Thus, establishing contacts with the seafood world regionally.

Concept  - With these shortages in mind, a crusade was and is launched together with his team of consultants to realize his venture, with the intent to turn this feasible concept into a profitable business. He acquired the piece of land in Mastura, conducted soil and water analysis, with topography and bathometric studies through the King Abdul Aziz University and obtained permits and licenses necessary for the launching of farming operations.

Objective - The objective being the launching of the mentioned project, and the intent to invite investors to not only participate financially but actively to build a solid foundation on which the benefits of the farm will be reaped on a long term basis. The recognition of the potential has kept him dedicated and totally committed to seeking the investment required to launch the farm, but most importantly impressing upon the investors of an opportunity of a lifetime!