As a professionally managed Featured based Odia literary magazine,‘THE NABANEETA’ has already carved a niche among the discerning people of Odisha. Its popularity is growing in geometrical progression with every passing day. 

    Without any strong financial backup, we are publishing this literary magazine from last four years. There is no gainsaying in the fact that it has immensely served the state of Odisha with its wide coverage on art, culture and literature has promoted the young and budding literary talent. The Nabaneeta is a Featured based Odia Literary Magazine published from 2008 without any strong financial back up. Still then it will be published regularly to promote the art, culture and literature of Odisha. Now it has also a own website people which are stayed out of Odisha they can read this magazine easily. Just log on to www.nabaneeta.co.in or https://sites/google.com/site/nabaneetapatrika and read this magazine everywhere. Email:nabaneeta2009@gmail.com/ letterstonaban
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The Nabaneeta is a quarterly featured based literary odia magazine. Which is first time and first Odia magazine published in Undeveloped, backward District from Bolangir. Not only certain reason, despair, goal and other purpose to  published this magazine but it also encourage and promote the neglected writer, poet and so on. Besides this now a days there are many talented people hiding in our society. But they could not get proper platform to spread their talent. Aim of objectives of The Nabaneeta is searching that personality and spread their talent everywhere as far as possible.

          More over art, culture, literature, tourism, festival as well as special interview would be published. Always in place of the real fact. In modern society how the lower level people neglected and struggling their life. Each an every sort of real story placed in The Nabaneeta. Without patronise it is published sincerely, regularly and independently. For alive and spreading of the literature for work hard. In this work I got self satisfaction and gain more knowledge in different factors.


In the time of Maharaja Rajendra Narayan Sing Deo was ruler of the Patna State, at that time he was taking great effort to spread art, culture, literature to published a literary magazine Patana Deepika. Which was very reached near the people and also common people like it. After some years there are nothing literary magazine published in Bolangir. So I thought, to published a new one. And inspire from Late Rajendra Narayan Sing Deo I have been took a strong effort to published THE NABANEETA in the year of 2008. After published the first issue of NABANEETA it is so attractive. Poet, writer, novelist and translator each an every sort of people encourage it to published regularly. Since 2008 it will be published regularly. Now it is editorial office is in the temple city in Bhubaneswar. All of the magazine work done here.    


        Without goal nobody can got success. First things is that to give more priority to the unknown writer, poet and so on. Which are could not get platform to show their talents. Another one talented but not a touter people to encourage it. Because that type of people are harmful for our society. People which are working, thinking and take iniciative for benevolent of the society, that type of people, personality, writer, poet I must be encourage.  Now Nabaneeta published only odia language. Later it will published Hindi language also. Because many people are not understanding the odia language. Besides this some book, biography, collection of editorial, featured book will be published.     


        Slow and steady win the race. In this method we are working dedicatedly. Founder Editor and Sr. Journalist Bijoy Kumar Pradhan is the owner of the magazine. In the post of Managing Editor Pankajini Pradhan is working in it and manage the difficulty.  Seikh Mohammad Wahid publisher of the magazine on behalf of Nabaneeta Publication. Besides this nobody work with Nabaneeta. All person in Nabaneeta are doing their work dedicatedly, socially and not a salary basis. All are working welfare of the people.


        Since 2008 TheNabaneeta published regularly with his own effort.Dedicated work, hard working, well wisher and moral support to confirm The Nabaneeta to raise day to day improve as well as spread throughout the world. We hope that in near future it will be work in a Nabaneeta Groups. Up coming project is that a special news paper will be published throughout of orissa.


         Nabaneeta logo changed. Beware of Duplicate. Some writers complaint us that they are confused due to two magazine in same name published. Don't worried except Nabaneeta Featured based Oida Literary Magazine there is no other one RNI approved in Odia Language. Others language can be avail. But only Nabaneeta is published since 2008. It is published One year from Bolangir then from 2010 said magazine published in Bhubaneswar.  

Nabaneeta Puja Cover_ 2013