About Nabadwip


1. NABADWIP was the capital of BALLAL SEN &LAKSHMI SEN,the famous rulers of the SENA  EMPIRE,who ruled from 1159 to1206. in 1202 NABADWIP was captured by BAKHTIYAR KHILJI.

2. The Holy Birth Place of Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu is known as "Gour Gangar Desh" as well as "Oxford of Bengal"

3. Chaitanyadeb (1486–1533) was born at Nabadwip Prachin Mayapur, not Mayapur.

4. Its name means "9 islands" in the Bengali language. The islands are named Antardwip, Simantadwip, Rudradwip, Madhyadwip, Godrumdwip, Ritudwip, Jahnudwip, Modadrumdwip, and Koladwip.

5. NABADWIP is located at 23.42*N & 88.37*E. It has avg elivation of 14 met.

6. As of 2001, nabadwip had a populotin 115035. male-51% and female- 49%.

7. Literacy rate-75%....male 80% & female 70%.


8. The main festival of Nabadwip is "RASH UTSAV". It is also known as "Pat Purnima" or "Rash Kali Puja" or "Shakta Rash".


9. It has 3 Railway Stations as Nabadwip Dham (NDAE), Bishnupriya (VSPR) of Howrah Division and Nabadwip Ghat(under construction) (NDF) of Sealdah Division .