The 25th Biennial NAAS Conference, "American Colors: Across the Disciplinary Spectrum," takes place at the University of University of Southern Denmark, May 22-24, 2017. To access the conference website, click here

Earlier NAAS conferences

2015: University of Oulu: "American Values: Public Virtues, Private Vices?" (24th biennial conference, May 11-13, 2015)

2013: Karlstad University:  "Currents and Countercurrents" (23rd biennial conference, May 24-26, 2013) 

2011: University of Oslo: "Trans-Atlantic Resonances" (22nd biennial conference, May 27-29)

2009: University of Copenhagen: "Cosmopolitan America?: The United States in Transition" (21st biennial conference, May 28-30)

2007: University of Tampere: "American Bodies, American Violence" (20th biennial conference, May 24-26)

2005: Växjö University/Blekinge Institute of Technology, Karlskrona/Swedish Emigrant Institute in Växjö (19th biennial conference, May 25-28)

2003: Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim: "America in the World: Transnational Aspects of Life and Culture in the United States" (18th biennial conference, August 6-9)

2001: Copenhagen Business School: "Trading Cultures" (17th biennial conference, August 8-11)

1999: Turku University: "American Studies at the Millennium" (16th biennial conference, August 11-15)

1997: University of Gothenburg: "After Consensus: Critical Challenge and Social Change in America" (15th biennial conference, August 13-17)

1995: University of Oslo: "The United States and the World" (14th biennial conference, August 9-13)

1993: Odense University: "Cultural Balkanization? Multiculturalism and American Dreams" (13th conference, August 18-22)

1992: Reykvavik University (12th conference, August 6-9)

1989: University of Tampere (11th conference, May 11-14)

1987: Uppsala University (10th biennial conference, May 28-31)

1985: University of Bergen (9th biennial conference, May 11-15)

1982: University of Copenhagen (8th triennial conference, June 24-27)

1979: University of Helsinki/Hanasaari (7th triennial conference, June 14-17)

1976: Kungälv (6th triennial conference, June 16-20)

1973(?): Kungälv (5th conference)

1970: Kungälv (4th triennial conference) 

1967: University of Helsinki (3rd triennial conference)

1964: University of Oslo (2nd triennial conference)

1961: Sigtuna (1st conference)