Orm Øverland Prize

NAAS Graduate Student Essay Prize – The Orm Øverland Prize 2017

To honor the work of Professor Orm Øverland, one of the most significant Nordic scholars of American Studies, the Nordic Association for American Studies has created the Orm Øverland Prize (EUR 200) to be awarded to the best graduate student paper presented at the 2017 NAAS conference in Odense. In addition to the monetary award, the winning paper will be considered for publication in the NAAS journal, American Studies in Scandinavia.

The winner will be announced at the NAAS Conference. Although modest in amount, NAAS hopes that this award will encourage Nordic graduate students to attend and participate in the organization’s conference. This will be the fifth time the prize is awarded. All graduate students at Nordic Universities or equivalent institutions who are members of one of the national associations and who wish to have their contributions considered for the prize must submit a copy of their paper electronically (please check rules of submission) to the President of the NAAS by 31 March 2017 (email: mikko.saikku@helsinki.fi). The NAAS Board or a panel it selects will choose the recipient of the prize.

Rules of submission:

1. Author must be a current graduate student (MA or PhD) or graduating graduate student in the 2016-2017 academic year from a Nordic University or equivalent institution. 
2. The paper must be presented at the NAAS Conference in Odense. The deadline for submitting paper proposals is 10 August 2016. See conference homepage: http://www.sdu.dk/en/om_sdu/institutter_centre/c_amerika/the+twenty-fifth+biennial+conference+of+the+nordic+association+for+american+studies 
3. The paper must have been produced between the beginning of the autumn semester 2016 and 31 March 2017.
4. The paper must not exceed 7,500 words (excluding bibliography).
5. The paper must not have been already submitted for publication in any language.
6. The paper (double spaced, standard font) must be submitted electronically as an attachment in MS Word to the President of NAAS 
. Only digital manuscripts in the named format will be accepted.

7. The paper is expected to follow the format of either the student's own academic discipline or the style sheet of American Studies in Scandinavia.

Contact Mikko Saikku if you need further information about the 2017 Øverland Prize.

Winners of the Orm Øverland Prize

2015: Adam Hjorthén, Stockholm University

2013: Gül Bilge Han, Stockholm University

2011: Anne Mørk, University of Southern Denmark

2009: Rune Reimer Christensen, University of Southern Denmark