Life and Times with a Big Green Egg 

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Adventures in Grilling 

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My discovery and first experiences:

 I learned about the BGE when I was reading an issue of This Old House Magazine many years ago.  My father and I discussed this strange grill many days and nights.  Years later, when Dad was about to retire, my mother came to me in secrecy and revealed her desire to find and purchase this "egg thing" for him.  "He keeps talking about it, even though he's never seen one!"  We found the specialty BBQ store and there it was sitting on the showroom floor.  It was strange, different... and the salesman was a repeat wet and dry rib champion because of it!  She made the purchase and we have been enjoying it ever since.  

I later moved away from my parents and realized that I had condemned myself to a life without BGE burgers, BGE chicken, BGE steaks and salmon!  In my dispair, my wife surprised me on my birthday with a large BGE of my very own!

This page chronicles my journey and provides tips for noobs to the BGE.