Nitesh Singh

I am an engineer by day and tech enthusiast by night. 
Currently I am a Graduate student pursuing Masters in Embedded Systems at University of Pennsylvania. My interests are in low power IoT devices and kernel development.

I am also a graduate teaching assistant for a course in Fall 2017 semester.

Previously worked as a Hardware Engineer at Yantrr Electronic Systems, New Delhi for four years.

Starting out as a curious and inquisitive boy in my adolescence, I grew up as someone who has insatiable desire to look for answers to all kind of questions. I believe I have quite the organizational skills bordering on OCD, but it is mostly unpolished and untested. Technology has always attracted me and I was glued to Electronics after gaining a keen interest in the field during high school courses. 

During my under-graduation, I developed interest in Relativity, Quantum Physics, Electromagnetism, Nuclear physics and Astronomy. Ultimately, my desire to enable technology to make lives easier for people has kept in field of Embedded electronics 

Ultimately I desire to be Technopreneur. If I was not an engineer, I would have definitely been in the Armed forces.