Nano- to meter-scale building is a multidisciplinary research program with the long term goal to develop a new way of automated building, which unfolds from nano into the meter scale. The n2m building concept is based on bionanorobots, producing compact carbon nanotube structures using CO2 from the air.

Presentations & Publications
NICOM4 symposium 2012-05-22 
7th Nanotechnology day 2011-03-21 
n2mBuilding on TEDx 2011-01-26 
Can we grow buildings? Concepts and requirements for automated nano- to meter-scale building 2010-09-20 
Conceptual paper and presentation at ECPPM conference 2010-09-15 
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General plan
  1. create strategies and top-down concepts
  2. create research network
  3. organize workshops
  4. formulate requirements for the bottom-up research
  5. design & test prototype components
  6. design & test prototype systems
  7. apply intermediate results
  8. apply nano- to meter-scale building


Traditional building is causing many negative inpacts on the environment. Cement industry alone produces about 5% of global man-made CO2 emissions, 10% building material and 20-30% effort is wasted. 1.6 billion people cannot afford adequate housing due to expensive production process.

On the other hand development of the core nano and biotechnology is leading to results that are extremely interesting for production of the buildings on the nano level, thus growing buildings on site from the nano into the meter range. 

Although areas like nanorobotics, DNA nanotechnology, molecular nanotechnology, programmable materials, and programmable cells are still considered to be speculative to some extent, their fast development encouraged us to start systematic research of new ways for modeling and construction of buildings using bio and nano-technologies.

Danijel Rebolj,
Nov 5, 2010, 5:20 AM