Witp-AE Video Tutes

NB**** I also note that IE has problems loading and playing, Firefox seems to do a much better job. If you are using IE,
go the download location for swf files and download them onto your computer before playing...

I am also in the process of breaking this webpage into different sites so I can use more storage space, some of the old wmf files are still in the AE extra files link to the left of the screen, but many have been migrated to the other new area's which you can access by clicking the Main Area's (Task Force, Airgroups)

How to:
Capture a screen shot and post to Matrix forums
Install the beta for full screen mode

How to recall Airgroups and LCU's(beta)
Ship Conversions & Upgrades.

Base Info:
Understanding the Base screen (swf file)

Task Force: (file storage for TF's)
TF creation and simple routing
TF movement speed
TF simple redirection
TF Patrol Zones
TF Way Points
TF Meeting, Merging and Following (wmf)
TF Refueling
TF Loading LCU's
TF Continuous Supply Mode (CS)
TF Mine Operations  
TF Fast Transports

AirGroups: (file storage for Air)
Moving Airgroups
Search Patrols
Sweep & CAP (wmf)
Sweeps, LB and Escorting (wmf)
Air Transport and pickup (wmf)
Dive,Glide & Level Bombing
Paratroop drops
Air replacements

Simple movement (swf) - download from the AE extra files on this page

Production, Misc & Tracker
Industrial Management Screen
Production Macro #1
Tracker Airframe Interface
Tracker Engine Interface
Tracker Engine Planning Interface
Tracker Install help

Files below are still in the AeExtra Files area.
Political Points and Restricted (swf file)
Expanding Industry & supplies (swf file)

Pilots & Airgroups #1 (swf file)
Pilots & Airgroups#2 (swf file)
Pilots & Airgroups#3 (swf file)

Utils - Submarine Tracker