Good teaching is one-fourth preparation

and three-fourths pure theatre.  

- Gail Goodwin

Home-school communication

This year Ms. Morris will be using Google classroom to share assignments and handouts, as well as a means of collecting written assignments and reflections. 
StudentsSee your course outline for your Google classroom code.
Parents: Email Ms. Morris for an invitation to our Google classroom.

Assignment completion and grades will be posted in PowerSchool as usual.

Updates, reminders and ideas of interest will be posted on Twitter.


Contact info
Address:     Sackville High School
                   1 Kingfisher Way, Lower Sackville, NS,   B4C 2Y9

Twitter: @ArenAmorris
Phone: 902-864-6700 ext.7851321

"Office hours"     MWF 8:30-11:15   12:10-4:30
                           TTh    8:30-11:15   12:10 -3:00