GPNDG 2006

I wasn't into taking Photo's (which is quite rare). However, please enjoy the few that I did manage to take. 

Chris and I didn't ride to The Gather this year due to a big riding day that had been planned at Hannegan Speedway on the  Sunday after returning from The Gather.




We left Seattle around 6pm on Wednesday the 23rd of August and headed South to Portland, OR.



While in Portland we were able to get over to a buddies house.

He and his wife had just moved from our neighborhood (Kennydale) to SE Portland within the last two months. 



From there we went to my sista's and then on to drinks at the local watering hole.


All was good until the following morning when we discovered someone had broke into the Beemer and took my cell phone. Nothing else was taken, just the phone. Phew. Even the 'Party' light was spared.



 We spend 4 hours in Portland getting our new / used passenger window replaced. We officially were on the road to Cresent Lake around 4pm.


I had promised Andrea that I'd be a weiner girl for Friday nights dinner and now I  had no way of letting her know that I was failing her in the weiner handling dept. 




We arrived just before dark and were able to find a really nice place to pitch the tent. And then we walked up to the socializing area and where greeted by the wonderful Friday meal Boss. 


Andrea and Wendy Dahl were my morsel saints. They had the dogs in the water to feed our hungry bellies. I consumed more beer and then was off to bed with lots of water to drink in tow. 




The next morning (Friday) I awoke to the most beautiful view from our tent. Gorgeous. Simply gorgeous. 


We ate our breakfast burritos courtesy of Brett Parker and his morning crew. Then we relaxed, read, chatted a bit before going in search of hotsprings.







 (the breakfast line)










 (Andrea's back marker)








We drove up North of Oakridge and took Salmon Creek Road (24)  to a place called Wall Creek. It was actually a 'warm' spring but who cares when it's 80 something out. We soaked and read for a good 2 or 3 hours before we wanted more...


Next was the McDonalds and Burger King of hotsprings. Or better known as McCredie. We parked just off of hwy 10  in the lot with the rest of the 8 vehicles and took a short jaunt down a very well walked path. And there they were, the many 'clothed' families soaking up the sun. So we turned around and we went on our way... the other direction. 




Chris and I made it back to the campsite just after TimK pulled in on his  74' JPN.  




                                                                                                                                  ( I flirted with some hotties in the parking lot)













We then got around to stealing TimK and Randell and took a dirt road to Crater Lake.

I have no clue what road we were on, I was just happy that we had Jesus to show us the way.

This is also the road that destroyed all that was electical in the car. We have to stomp on the brakes to get the Door warning sound to go off now and the oil light never stops flashing. sigh. Got's to luv the German wiring.


The following pictures have been seen/taken a thousand times by endless amounts of tourists so I'll not bother with captions.





Chris, Randell, TimK and I managed to make it back in time for dinner. Where another wonderful meal was served. (Thanks Shasta and Crew! It was yummy.)

 Friday night was pretty much a blurr... there was something about a bottle of Ouzo and a Randell Cigarette? Or was that a Pipe? hummmmmm... Oh well. I survived. Barely.


Saturday, Chris and I were up 'after' breakfast was served. We packed up our camp and piled into the car for a long drive back to Renton. Here is where the car was parked and the Camper & Trailer where picked up. After another 2 plus hours of driving to Billingham. We arrived at Hannegan Speedway around 8:30pm. We ate from a cooler of Crab and slept a good nights sleep.

The following day was spent on the DRZ400 and the CRF230 Flat Tracking, TT'ing, Motocrossing, and doing some rutted up Rally trails. I couldn't have asked to be any more sore and happy then I am right now.



~ Thanks to all that put in so much time and love to make this such a wonderful wonderful weekend ~