H.A.L.O. YOGA with Heather

H E A T H E R  B I V O N A

Certified Yoga Instructor - Babies to Senior Citizens

Yoga for Cancer Intensive Certification 

Yoga for Movement Disorders: Multiple Sclerosis & Parkinson's Disease Intensive Certification 

Hatha Yoga Certification 200 hours 

Women's Health & Kundalini Yoga Certification

Radiant Child Yoga Levels I&II Certification  

Ages -

3 months -

3 years

A Mommy and Me;

Adventure Program


Ages -

4 - 6 years

Adventure Based

Learning Activities 

 Ages -

7 - 12 years

Introductory Yoga

Emphasis on Flexibility 


Muscle Conditioning

H.A.L.O. YOGA Adult & Teens

Health. Alignment. Lymph. Organs.

Yoga for the Mind,

Body and Spirit

Emphasis on

Strength and Stamina

Natural methods for staying healthy, happy, and positive

        - Dynamic meditations and yoga sets

        - Private classes in your home or office

        - Birthday Parties

        - Yoga Play Dates

        - Camp Coordinator

        - Private School Physical Education Classes

        - Customize programs for individual, or small groups

        - Specializing in Corporate Events


Reinforces a healthy lifestyle


Stimulates brain activity

Yoga is a wonderful way to increase self-awareness, build self-esteem and strengthen your body.  
Learning poses that stretch and strengthen while promoting balance, coordination, concentration and increased vitality through energetic practice. 

Every yoga class includes an easy warm up for self spinal alignment through movement, breath and spinal flexing.   
Yoga helps you maintain a flexible spine, healthy body and strong immune system.