How to make a Mock Gdiaper (waistband diaper) Instructions & Pattern I am awful at instructions, and right now I don't have time to put up a picture or video tutorial, but they are in progress.  This is the best I could come up with for instructions, and the pattern is not exactly the same as the manufactured gdiapers.  My baby is a little chunckster. She is about 13lbs and 24" long, so you may have to alter these to fit your LO.  I did not like the nylon that Gdiaper uses, so I use PUL.  Also, I use regular snaps. I started doing them before realized I could buy the plastic snaps, so if you prefer the plastic ones, go for it.  I find that the best material to start making them with is 2 layers of cotton interlock. It stayed still for me long enough to figure out how to work with everything.  Also, the original Gdiaper elastic had a tendency to stretch and would stop sealing, I don't have that problem with FOE.  The one thing that did give me problems that I had to figure out the hard way...Don't zigzag stitch the FOE onto the PUL, it will cause it to leak like crazy! Here are some examples.  There is also a video that shows how to put on a gdiaper.
~Look at the page about fabric and what to know before you sew                                


                                                                                                                                     Here is a video that shows you how to put on a gdiaper        

How to put on a Gdiaper


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