ELP in class

Primary ELP

I have been working with the Primary ELP in my English lessons since the school year 2004/05.

All my ELP work has been using the Spanish validated version. It is the model for learners aged 8-12 with 51.2003 as the number acreditation.

Electronic Portfolio

I have just started working with blogs as an electronic portfolio. I have called them BLOGFOLIOS.

Primary students will write on their individual blog what they have been learning in English.

This is my Primary English blog:

We like English!

On this blog, you can find the web with all the links to my Primary students' blogs:

My Primary students' Blogfolios

I have started the same experience with my University students. They are in the third year of  the teacher training programme.

These are my blogs for pre-service teachers:

Teaching English to Primary children

English language for Primary teachers

On the last blog, you can find the web with the links to my University students' blogs. They have just started using  the blog as a language and teaching portfolio.

My University students' Blogfolios

PicasaWeb Slideshow

Some ideas