Welcome and thank you for your interest in La Chaine des Rôtisseurs.  We are an International Gastronomic Society re-founded in Paris in 1950 to promote fine dining and preserve the camaraderie and pleasures of the table.  

In 2012 Eugene F. Daly was tasked with re-establishing The Napa-Sonoma Bailliage (Chapter).  Since that time he has been highly successful in growing our membership to its current rank.  

A grand Gala Event is held once each year to celebrate the induction of our new members who are presented with ribbons signifying their newly bestowed status.

Additionally our Bailliage offers several fine dining events; often black tie, themed evenings, and less formal occasions that provide a range of enjoyable experiences held in the best restaurants, hotels, wineries or other innovative venues.  The menus and dishes are created exclusively by chefs, many of whom are also members, collaborating with the Officers of the Bailliage.  These dining experiences are unique and difficult to equal outside the Chaîne.

Mission Statement

The Chaîne des Rotisseurs, Bailliage des Etats-Unis, unites professional and amateur gastronomes in a private not for profit society.  The Association’s purpose is to promote the culinary arts and those of enology and hospitality through example, education and camaraderie.

Based on the great tradition and high standards of the medieval French guild Oyers Rotisseurs or goose roasters, our confrérie celebrates the pleasures of the table while enjoying the classic and evolving cuisines of the world.  We encourage the development of young professionals by awarding scholarships and sponsoring competitions throughout the world.  

The Napa-Sonoma Bailliage being part of an international organization, encourages friendships among our members worldwide and is dedicated to bringing together those who share a mutual interest in cuisine, wine, and fine dining in a spirit of camaraderie.

Napa Sonoma Bailliage Officers

   Bailli  Joe Baldanzi 
  Bailli-Honorie Eugene F. Daly
   Vice Chancelier Argentier  Frank J. Espina
   Vice Conseiller Gastronomique  
   Vice Echanson  Ronald L. Fenolio
   Vice Chargé de Presse  

For membership inquiries please contact: Joe Baldanzi <BailliNapaSonoma@gmail.com>
You can also browse the National Website at: www.chaineus.org