Taking Over Adsense Keywords Networks



 What do you need to know while choosing and applying your BEST keywords?


Would you like to know how to generate and apply top paying keywords. Would you like to know how to format your webpages for both Humans and Search Engine Crawlers to maximized your placement advantage in the Search Engine Results?

I am assisting you right here right now in researching the traffic for a given keyword. This is crucially important; a first step if you will.

Enter the most obvious logical keyword below, the one that apperars first on the webpages of those websites that are currently highly listed in Search Engines who are already performing well.

You will need to type in a special word key to continue [spammers are locked out], it appears just below the keyword entry window. Please don't be intimidated.... this is free and it's FUN!  and please be patient, there are a lot of PEOPLE using this tool while you're using it.

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I have done a recent July 2, 2007 search with the beautiful free keyword research tool above for the keywords [keywords, adsense] and further studied them using another free keyword tool at  http://ranks.nl webmaster tools for keyword density.

This gives you very precise information to improve you clarity, focus and effectiveness.

These keywords were delivered by the keyword analyzer from the frequency of recent searches across the entire internet.

Then I made a simple html document and uploaded it to my server for http://ranks.nl to analyze. I used Microsoft's notepad.exe to remove the numbers from the results so that only the keywords remained.

[Here they are from July 02, 2007]

.....adsense google adsense adsense advertising adwords apis cashing google google in tool adsense adsense code google making money never told how to make money with google adsense adsense adwords google information marketing adsense web site yahoo adsense adsense advertising adwords google googles making most make money with adsense google.com adsense ad adsense evolves feature googles placement keyword adsense adsense secret adsense arbitrage adsense adsense killer plus tip trick unleashed z adsense rss adsense tool adsense alternative google adsense program adwords adsense adsense tip making money with adsense adsense site adsense ready site web adsense money adsense code adsense advertising easy google make money program using adsense blog adsense forum adsense click adsense ready adsense template adsense program yahoo adsense adwords google google adsense tip top paying keyword adsense adsense ebook adsense software google adsense keyword adsense revenue adsense gold adsense free template adsense adwords google google google adsense secret high paying adsense keyword google com adsense adsense from make money adsense video google adsense alternative adsense income adsense asbestos google adsense top paying keyword adsense empire wealth adsense google site web adsense tag trick google adsense adsense page adsense free google adsense tracker making money with google adsense adsense ready site google adsense money add adsense link advertise google relevant adsense adsense adwords google secret adsense earnings adsense web master adsense or google ads adsense ads google adsense script adsense googles google adsense cheat google adsense revenue adsense trick adsense free site web google adsense ebook top adsense keyword google adsense review adsense click fraud adsense earn money adsense content google adsense forum ads adsense style adsense traffic adsense empire adsense fraud adsense also directory link linkpartners.com please suggest adsense cash content into machine money site turn web adsense adsense build create empire google income massive own blogging with adsense adsense exposed google revenue secret adsense creation kit newbies site starter web adsense help adsense business complete download immediate site template web adsense google making money never told adsense click google adsense profit adsense program adsense keyword list RobertHedges keyword any extra keyword search keyword enter keyword enter keyword s keyword or item keyword bidding consolidation keyword loan student card consolidation credit debt keyword keyword selector tool keyword community found keyword no keyword tool no keyword home.myspace.com keyword live livejournal origin keyword research overture keyword basketball beyond coach keyword ks success enter keyword here enter keyword suburb keyword keyword service keyword services keyword or style keyword search terms elite keyword overture keyword tool enter keyword or product keyword marketing meta keyword search engine keyword resume keyword character company keyword movie name quote aol keyword ameritrade gcid independence.html keyword matchtype o o.cgi offer p pqm sx search tdameritrade.com keyword call sign frequency keyword density keyword location keyword adsense keyword research tool state.pa.us pa keyword unemployment keyword ranking keyword advertising aol keyword billing keyword suggestion tool keyword optimization keyword selector keyword phrase keyword generator enter here keyword link s url keyword submission keyword tracking type keyword here enter search keyword product or keyword enter keyword or web address here overture keyword selector tool car cat detroit detroit girl girl keyword photo pin pinup up woman woman yahoo keyword selector tool meta tag keyword keyword search tool enter keyword or item yahoo keyword adam enter keyword originsite phrase web site keyword adwords keyword keyword analyzer keyword online trading by keyword keyword list about enter your search keyword here insert keyword top keyword keyword suggestion keyword name style keyword internet yahoo keyword tool c++ keyword aol keyword search keyword park your keyword here overture keyword suggestion tool keyword popularity encoded keyword keyword bid keyword density analyzer freder.com goog keyword love sara sff source elite keyword review enter keyword title car cat detroit detroit keyword photo saab keyword software top paying keyword adsense keyword submit google keyword keyword finances top search keyword keyword site free keyword generator seo keyword keyword home base business

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