VoiceThread for Education

Here are some great resources for you to explore from teachers/educators who are using VoiceThread in their classrooms.

Teachers are just beginning to explore the power of VoiceThread with their students and colleagues so many of the current VoiceThreads have experimental comments. However, each one gives you an opportunity to see the creative uses being explored to enhance education and engage all students. "Borrow" their ideas and create your OWN VoiceThreads. :-)

This is a great VoiceThread created by Alec Couros who did his doctoral dissertation in educational technology related to social networking. It not only demonstrates a use for VoiceThread, but it provides an excellent example of how participating in social networks can be very powerful ways to learn. This VoiceThread is called "What Does the Network Mean to You?" and starts with an excellent visual chart.

VoiceThread in Action (excellent compilation of VoiceThreads in education with links to blog posts about many uses for VoiceThreads-created for a course "Information Technologies for Learning")

Voicethread 4 Educators Wiki (organized by Colette Cassinelli)
The purpose of this wiki to gather examples of how educators are using Voicethread in their classrooms (or for professional development) and to share those examples.
Categories include: K-2;3-5;6-8;9-12;College;Admin;Ed Tech;ESL/EFL;Resources
Take a look at what is posted and feel free to contribute your own examples to share with others. Be sure to click on the links in the menu for Resources and Best Practices. New examples and tips are being uploaded regularly! You can also view a wiki of her VoiceThread presentation here. https://edtechvision.wikispaces.com/VoiceThread

Awesome tutorial shared by Wes Fryer (downloadable in PDF format). Provides step-by-step visuals for navigating VoiceThread. Presented at the Survive and Thrive Conference, Edmund, OK, June 14, 2008.
Digital Storytelling with VoiceThread

Mini-tutorial on VoiceThread with lots of tips/tricks from educators around the world.

Earth Day VoiceThread-created for EarthCast 24-hour celebration on April 22, 2008. Check it out and add your voice and those of your students to the VoiceThread.
Earth Day is on Tuesday, April 22nd, 2008. To celebrate the day, we will be working collaboratively with people around the world to produce and air a live webcast which will last for the entire 24 hours of the GMT day! This is a HUGE challenge and we're hopeful that you'll participate!
More About the 24 Hour Earth Day 2008 Webcastathon
What: This is intended to be a 24 hour long conversation about thehttp://enviroscims.wikispaces.com/Earth+Day health of our planet. We hope to have participants from around the world moderate an hour long conversation. This conversation can be planned at the discretion of the moderator(s) for that hour. Potential guests could include local leaders, student environmental advocates, scientists/engineers, politicians, grassroots leaders, etc.
When: Tuesday, April 22nd 2008. We will follow the 24 hour GMT day (et-we'll use the time in Greenwich, England as the standard for planning the time blocks.
Why: The goal is to help our participants (both listeners and moderators) form a more global perspective on the issue of sustainability and the health of the earth.

MathCasts VoiceThreads created by students (Dave showed you one of these examples in the workshop)
http://math247.pbwiki.com/South Paris Collaborative's Mathcast Portfolio

Why should students create their own MathCasts?

Many Voices on Darfur (comments on political cartoon-high school)

Scarlet Letter-book review-VT includes video from Discovery

A Day in a Voicethread

Global Warming-a student project explaining global warming--basically a report using visuals but no interaction on the content.

It's "Mr. Meech" from Illinois. He has some interesting presentations on his wikispace. Nice page on VoiceThread with some general resource, tutorials and examples. :-)

Mathlincs Geometric Landmarks

Why I love Databases-VoiceThread by Joyce Valenza with a great explanation about the uses of databases in a school library

Classroom 2.0-World map with voices/comments from people around the world who are using/exploring VoiceThread as an educational tool

Silvia Tolisano’s project inviting students to create a story about traditions…
What Could it Mean?


Students learning to speak/write in Spanish

A Wiki organized for students to post their VoiceThreads of short text summaries of fiction books they are reading. Students from around the world are posting their VoiceThreads--US, Canada, China, Australia, Thailand. Page includes a PDF with instructions about how to embed a VoiceThread in a wiki.

VoiceThread wiki! (new wiki and content is just beginning to be added)
Why did I create this?
In my opinion VoiceThread is one of the greatest Web 2.0 tools out there. There are infinite ways to use this tool, and as brilliant as we all are (ha ha ha), we can't think of all of them ourselves. Please share samples of how you have used VoiceThread personally, professionally, or with students.

PDF with voicethread tutorial found on Jennifer Wagner's EggRoll site:

Another great blog by Suzie Vesper (New Zealand) on VoiceThread resources and a PDF tutorial about setting up a VoiceThread account. She plans to add additional examples of VoiceThreads and provide one example she created herself for a workshop. You'll love her accent! :-)
This is the home page for her blog that is just loaded with great Web 2.0 tools. Be sure to check it out.